Environmental Stewardship

Mooving Forward

The Foster Brothers digester with far bag inflated and near bag drawn down

All of our products promote sustainable agriculture as well as a commitment to family-owned companies and backyard gardeners. We continue to research new applications and methods for composting and utilization of this precious agricultural resource. The future of our world depends on responsible management of business and environmental concerns. Vermont Natural Ag Products, Inc. will continue to lead the way with innovative techniques and outstanding customer service.

Anaerobic Digester
In reaction to the energy crisis of the mid 1970s, the Foster Brothers Farm, Inc. built an anaerobic digester to produce energy from the dairy’s manure and to better manage the nutrients on the farm.

Close-up of the digester gas collection bag.

Manure and milk house wastes from the dairy operation are deposited into large collection tanks. Methane gas, which is created through decomposition of the waste by anaerobic bacteria, is collected under the cover.

The gas is then transferred to another building where it is “scrubbed,” removing hydrogen-sulfide gas, and fed to an internal combustion engine. This engine is connected to an electrical generator.

Once the methane is extracted, the effluent is separated and a portion of the solids are used as compost “food.” Liquids are collected and spread onto growing crops, which rapidly absorb the nutrients, dramatically reducing the phosphorous leach into water sources.

The electricity generated by the digester process provides power for the dairy and young stock as well as three residences, reducing the grid load as well as helping the economic viability of the farm.