Our Mission

Vermont Natural Ag Products’ mission is to serve our customers and clients with integrity, by providing high-quality products and services in a profitable manner.

We strive to support the independent growers’ and garden centers’ demand for soil products by providing high-quality materials and backing this with superior service. In addition, we encourage the composting of agricultural by-products in the Lake Champlain region through the use of efficient and economical technologies.  The results of this process are environmental stewardship and economic benefit to the composter and community.

Our Vision

Vermont Natural Ag Product’s vision is to be a globally recognized company that specializes in services, solutions, and organic products.

Position Statement

  • VNAP supports a diversified agricultural base that does not discriminate.
  • VNAP believes in sound science and its application.
  • VNAP believes in open and free discussion of alternatives and solutions.
  • VNAP believes that one size or solution does not fit every situation.
  • VNAP believes in being part of the solution through our practices and methods.
  • VNAP believes in being a good steward of our resources.
  • VNAP believes that our objective should be to practice sustainable methods and techniques that lead to a more holistic approach to human interaction with our environment.

Based on these beliefs, VNAP supports the use of resources, present and future, that enhance the well-being of the agricultural community through composting of agricultural residues, and making them available in value-added products that complement the environment, sustain our agricultural base, and are part of a holistic solution.

Using the same family management team, VNAP operates its value-added composting business in conjunction with Foster Brothers Farm, Inc., a fifth-generation dairy farm operating in Addison County, which is located in the Champlain Valley of Vermont.